Series 16 Episode 9:
Written by Leslie Stewart

Alex Taylor is brought into A&E by Comfort and Nikki, after being stabbed during a fight. Patrick suspects he is using drugs. In the relatives' room, Colette asks his girlfriend Jackie if Alex is on drugs, but Jackie jumps at Colette to say he - he was on drugs, but is clean now. Jackie says its nothing to do with drugs and that he is there because he has been knifed. In the ladies toilets Comfort talks to Jackie, who points out to Comfort that her leg is bleeding. Comfort replies, "It's Alex's blood". Jackie replies, "No you are really bleeding." Comfort collapses as she realises Jackie is right. We find out that she was knifed in the thigh with the same knife that was used on Alex. He was tested for HIV and was all clear, but there may be a possibility that he could have Hepatitis B. Colette comes to see Comfort, who says a couple of inches to the left and it could have hit an artery. She says, "It'll need stitches, I'll get Patrick to come and have a look at it for you." Comfort is tested for Hep B, and we find out of her fear of needles. Her last vaccination was five years ago, and she missed her booster two weeks ago because she was too busy working, due to staff shortages. Comfort has to wait four hours for the results. Nikki comes to visit her, worried about who she'll be teamed up with. Comfort is not bothered about who Nikki will be teamed up with - she's more concerned with how the results will turn out and that she might have only be allowed to drive, because she won't be able to deal with patients. Josh comes to visit Comfort in the cubicle and Comfort talks about being caught up in the system - she wants to go home. Josh gives her a lift to the ambulance station. As she is waiting there for her results, Jeff McGuire comes in to tell her the hospital are on the phone. The results come back all clear; she informs Jeff, who says she can just drive for now - he says it's not because she's infected but because missing her booster is a disciplinary matter. Comfort is not happy with this, and says she only missed her booster because of staff shortages and "to keep his department well oiled". She walks off. Comfort's husband Rob arrives to take her home. In the car, she starts to cry in the arms of her husband, saying it was about her today and not the patients. Rob comforts her before taking her home.
Nikki finds out that she will be teamed up with Jeff himself. Not looking amused, they are out on a call, with Jeff driving. The first shout they go to is a cyclist who has hit the kerb and fallen off his bike. Jeff forgets all the protocol and struggles to get the trolley out of the ambulance, although the trolley is not needed. The cyclist is taken off to A & E. Their next shout is to a lady with a suspected heart attack; again, Jeff forgets the protocol. Later, Nikki informs Jeff that its actually only chest pains and there was no previous history of cardiac symptoms.
Josh goes into a hardware store because he is decorating his lounge a cerise colour. A young lady's car breaks down outside the hardware store and Josh stops to help her get it started again. Her name is Jo, and she tells Josh she is a student at Cardiff and that she is here to meet friends for breakfast and then go shopping. After seeing her go, he watches on to see an ambulance on a 'shout' and stands thinking. Back at home, he is seen decorating, and then phones up Holby A & E to leave a message for Colette to say he will be done later, and would like to catch up. When Josh comes in, he sees Colette and they chat, whilst Patrick is calling Colette. Josh understands that it is 'one of them days' and lets Colette go. She says, "Well I guess I won't see you anymore." Josh then goes to hand in his uniform and clean out his locker. Seen walking across the ambulance forecourt with Nikki, Jeff comes up to him and says, "Don't forget to hand in your keys". Josh turns round and says "Sixteen years…"
Later on, we see Jo drive down a country lane lighting a cigarette and read a text message she has received. She swerves and goes down an embankment. When the ambulance station receive a phone call from a passer-by, Jeff doesn't think he can cope. He goes running up to Josh to ask him to take back his uniform to go on this shout. Josh reminds him that he has quit, and Jeff says, "It's a matter of a life." Josh agrees to go and they set off. When they arrive on the scene, Nikki goes down to meet the fire crew, who are already there seeing about getting the car cut open. Josh stands at the top of the embankment watching, knowing it's the lady he previously helped and thinking of why he resigned in the first place. Nikki comes running up to get Josh to come down and help. On assessing the situation, they find they haven't much time before the tide rises. He talks to the girl to keep her awake and find out as much information as possible. Josh finds out the girl's name is Jo. The car has been cut away from around Jo, and she has a collar round her neck. Josh relays the conversation they were having that morning about shoes and Jo meeting friends for breakfast and then going shopping. Jo wants to sleep but Josh talks to her to keep her awake. She starts to panic and Josh calms her down. Then Patrick and Colette arrive on the scene. Patrick comes down to see what the situation is from Josh and then goes to assess her. Unfortunately there is nothing he can do for her. Then Josh goes back to talk to her until the end. He finds out she wants to be a lawyer and she was going to Ibiza with her boyfriend and friends. She then dies shortly after that. The fire crew then cut the car open for the ambulance crew to release her body. Patrick asks Nikki if she is ok, seemingly being quite genuine. They talk about who they would have for the last person they would have with them, and Nikki says she would want Josh, and that Jo did have him there. Nikki says to Patrick that she wouldn't want Jeff McGuire as the last person to talk to, Patrick replies, "I wouldn't wish that pompous git on anyone". Colette goes over to Josh and asks him what he'll do. He talks about the DIY he's going to do. Colette asks if he's coming back. He replies, "I'm a paramedic, me. Nothing else makes any sense. Of course I'm coming back."

Episode first broadcast Saturday 10th November 2001

Additional Cast
Jeff McGuire Bob Mason
Alex Taylor          Max Wrottesly
Jackie Jill Cooper
Jo          Louisa Millwood - Haigh
Fire Officer Liam Noble
Rob Chad Shephard

Written by Carly Lewis
Pictures provided by Chris Leader