(Grant Masters)

Dan Robinson started work as Critical Care Manager at Holby City Hospital before series 15. He used to work as a nurse on ITU. When Charlie came back to work after his pulmonary embolism, they clashed straight away, starting with an argument over the beds Dan had introduced in the department, and continuing as they disagreed over the treatment of Adam when his HIV status was revealed in the press. More collisions occured when Charlie felt Dan's major incident plan excercise, over which he had not been consulted, was to blame for Duffy's miscarriage scare, and then when Charlie closed the department without consulting Dan.
Dan got on well with Holly, and it was obvious that he fancied her. He was very concerned when it became apparent she had a stalker, but chose the wrong moment to let her know how he felt, telling her he cared about her just as she had been terrified by her stalker. As she was taken home by Tom Harvey that night, Dan did some detective work and discovered that it was Tom who was sending her all the gifts. After phoning her and discovering she was at Tom's flat, he went round there to try to get Holly away as discreetly as possible. However, Tom spiked his drink so he collapsed, and he came round to discover that Holly was fighting Tom off. He staggered upstairs, but Tom knocked him back down, injuring Dan's wrist. Holly managed to knock Tom out and call for help.
At the end of the series, when Tom, on bail, managed to take Holly hostage again, Dan helped Patrick to find her, and chased Tom when they arrived. Tom went out onto a fire escape, threatening to jump; suddenly he slipped, and was left hanging in mid air. Dan grabbed his hand, but was unable to hold Tom, and had to look on helpless as he plunged to his death. Returning inside he found Holly had come round and was clinging to Patrick. Knowing he had lost, he left them alone together.