(Barbara Marten)

Eve first appeared in Casualty during series 12, when she acted as sister during Charlie Fairhead's absence, after Kate Wilson's departure. She seemed to be extremely strict at first, but we started to see a softer side to her at her interview for the post of Sister, when she revealed that she had done voluntary work abroad, and spoke of the hardships of the children there. She got the job of Sister.
"Monty", as some of her colleagues called her behind her back, was unpopular when she first joined the team, but one by one people started to see her softer side when they had problems. First Sam Colloby confided in her when his boyfriend left him, then Tina Seabrook told Eve about her rape, and finally Eve was the one Amy Howard confided in when she found herself pregnant. By the end of the series Eve was firm friends with these three.
Series 13 saw Eve taking six weeks off work to go to Romania with some of her local church to do voluntary work. When they returned they brought Marius Lupescu, a Romanian, back with them. He came into A&E as he was ill with Crone's Disease. Max was wondering about his medical insurance until Eve told him that Marius was a British citizen as he had a British wife - Eve. She said it was just a mariage of convenience. The news soon spread. Charlie managed to find Marius a job in the hospital as cleaner. Eve and Marius were getting on very well and Duffy thought that Eve was in love with him. But Marius decided he had to go back to Romania to carry on helping people there. He told Eve he had to go soon otherwise he wouldn't be able to leave her. Eve was immensely upset. After he had gone she told Charlie and Duffy that she had really thought he was the one.
At the beginning of series 14 Eve's friend Gerry, a minister was diagnosed with cancer. Later he was brought into Holby A&E after collapsing. He knew he was dying, and Eve stayed with him. She saw he was in pain and injected the morphine dose all in one go, before holdng Gerry as he died. When Gerry's sister turned up, too late to see him, Eve was racked with guilt. She had doubts about what she had done, and whether she wanted the responsibility of being a nurse. She cleared out her locker and left the hospital without telling anyone. Charlie went after her to the Mission, and tried to persuade her to change her mind. But Eve was adamant, saying she'd done something wrong and didn't have chance to change things. She told Charlie she was going to start working to keep Gerry's Mission open.