(Loo Brealey)

Roxanne started work as a student nurse at Holby A&E during series 16. On her first day she brought all her possessions with her, having fallen out with her mum and decided to leave home. When the keys to her friend's flat were stolen the same day, Anna offered Roxy her sofa for the night, and later she and Nikki invited her to move in with them. They were less thrilled when Roxy's boyfriend Hakkan moved in too, especially when their money started going missing. Roxy defended Hakkan, but had a shock when he was brought in to A&E after a fridge falling on him whilst he was clearing the entire contents of their house to sell. Embarrassed at being taken in by him, Roxy managed to persuade Anna not to report it as they had all their stuff back.
Roxy was flattered to be invited by Simon to his brother's wedding, but her plans were spoiled when her mum turned up at work - carrying Roxy's baby Nicole. Roxy had asked her mum to look after her for a few days but it had now been two months. Refusing to look after Nicole any longer, her mum left the baby with her. Not wanting to cancel with Simon, Roxy hid the baby in reception as she waited for her friend to pick her up. The baby was found, however, and Dillon realised it was Roxy's. He was going to report her, but relented in the end, and Roxy was left to introduce Anna and Nikki to their new flatmate. When Simon cancelled with her, Roxy thought he'd heard about Nicole, but it turned out that the wedding was cancelled. Roxy suggested making it another time, but realised Simon wasn't really interested, and was angry that he thought she would fall at his feet.
In series 17, Roxy kept leaving Anna and Nikki to look after Nicole. Anna eventually snapped and gave her an ultimatum: she either sorted her baby out, or she left. Roxy was finding Nicole hard work, and one day when she couldn't cope, she was grateful when Jack when he turned up and helped out. Soon afterwards, when there was no-one to look after Nicole while she went to work, Roxy turned to her mum for help, but her mum refused to be dumped with Nicole again. Roxy left Nicole in a creche in a shopping centre, then left work to pick her up from there and put her in a supermarket creche. She was warned by both Duffy and Charlie about being late and disappearing. After her shift, when she collected Nicole from the creche, she went into the mother-and-baby room in the shopping centre. Saying sorry, she kissed Nicole and walked out, just as the shopping centre was being locked up. Early the next morning, full of remorse, Roxanne phoned the Samaritans. But the Samaritan she spoke to was Dillon, who realised he was talking to Roxy. Roxanne hung up as soon as he told her, and rushed to the shopping centre as it was opening. Nicole was still there, safe, but soon started fitting. Roxy took her into A&E, where Nicole was treated, but said nothing about the reason behind the fit, and denied everything when Dillon confronted her. Dillon went to Charlie, however, who, though he didn't call Social Services, put Roxanne on special leave. After returning to work, Roxanne had a shock when Nicole's father Mark turned up in A&E. He turned out to be a married lecturer at the nursing school, who had come in with one of his students. He had convinced Roxy she was the real love of his life, but Roxy discovered he had treated this student the same way he had treated her. The student decided it was about time Mark's wife knew what he'd been up to, and Roxy told Mark to expect a letter from the Child Support Agency.
Later in the series Roxy started seeing Dillon, but when he took some of his colleagues to the restaurant where she was moonlighting as a waitress dressed as a schoolgirl, Roxy was not amused and promptly dumped him.