(Zita Sattar)

Anna started working at Holby A&E in series 15, as a student nurse. She immediately struck up a friendship with Chloe. She found her first death difficult, and later had a problem when she was unable to tell a patient that he may lose his foot, telling him it would be OK.
Anna found herself the butt of a prank played by Barney and Jack when they sent her on a wild goose chase carrying large amounts of equipment. However, she wasn't too unhappy when a cute police officer picked her up and gave her a lift back, and got her own back on Jack by playing a prank in return.
By the beginning of series 16, Anna, now a staff nurse, was sharing a flat with Chloe. She had a crush on the newly-arrived Dillon Cahill but when they finally arranged to go for a drink, she was disappointed to find that he had invited half the A&E team along too.
When Chloe, due at work, agreed to meet one of her boyfriend's friends for dinner, she managed to persuade Anna to take her place. On finding out that Anna was not Chloe and therefore a free agent, the man started trying it on, and when Anna tried to make her escape, he attacked her. Anna managed to make it into work the next day, but collapsed from internal injuries. The A&E team managed to stabilise her and she was soon on the way to recovery. She wanted to report the incident, but Chloe persuaded her against it. After Chloe's departure, Anna was having problems covering all the bills, and when Nikki Marshall, wanting to move out of her parents' house, asked if she could move in, Anna gratefully accepted.
Anna was suspicious of Spencer's daughter Gilly when she saw her handing something over to her friend in return for money. When Gilly's friend was brought into A&E due to the effects of the drugs Gilly had dealt to her, Anna called the police, to Spencer's dismay.
Soon afterward, Anna agreed to let student nurse Roxanne Bird move in to their flat, despite Nikki's reluctance. When Roxy's boyfriend seemed to be moving in as well, however, Anna wasn't too happy, and soon her and Nikki's possessions seemed to be going missing. They got the shock of their life when Roxy's boyfriend was brought in after a fridge falling on him whilst he was clearing the entire contents of their house to sell. Roxy persuaded Anna not to report it as they had all their stuff back, and her boyfriend legged it from A&E. Anna was in from another shock from Roxy before the series had ended, however, when Roxy moved her baby daughter Nicole in to the house. And when Nikki was stabbed, Anna had to stand and watch as the team tried to resuscitate her friend...
By the beginning of series 17, Nikki had recovered, and things were back to normal. But Anna found herself attracted to married consultant Harry Harper. One night they kissed, but Harry told her it was a mistake, and they tried to forget it.
Anna, fed up with being single, started going on blind dates from the lonely hearts column. The first date turned into a disaster when her date's wife turned up, having sent a private detective to keep an eye on him. When it looked like her second date wasn't going to turn up, Anna got chatting to another man, Merlin. They got on well and had planned to meet again when Merlin arrived at A&E to start work as the new PRHO. That didn't stop them from seeing each other however, and things were going well. But when Merlin, who had been adopted at birth, decided to contact his birth mother, Anna discovered that he was her half-brother...