(Jan Anderson)

Chloe first appeared in Casualty at the beginning of series 13, as staff nurse. She and Tina Seabrook soon decided to share a flat.
Chloe had not been getting on with her mother too well and she was immensely upset when she died. Molly, one of the canteen ladies, took her under her wing and Chloe was again upset when Molly died in the department.
Chloe started a relationship with PC Pat Garratt, but it was on-off all the time. During an off she spent the night with Sean Maddox who was going out with Tina at the time. They both agreed that it was a mistake and they should forget it, but Chloe didn't look too sure. She later ended things with Pat. At the end of the series Chloe told Tina that she was pregnant, and it was Sean's baby. When Sean found out, at the beginning of series 14, his version of support was offering money for an abortion or money to support the child - he said offering anything more would be living a lie. In the end Chloe decided that she should have an abortion. As she was going to the clinic, Tina, who had been bitchy to her since she found out, offered her a lift and said she wanted to be friends again.
By the beginning of series 15, Chloe was having money problems and had moved into the nurses home. When a patient's purse went missing, Chloe, whom everyone knew was short of money, came under suspicion, but was soon cleared. When Chloe and Barney were both applying for the same job their friendship was put under pressure. Barney wasn't happy when Chloe got the promotion instead of him, but they were soon friends again. When Chloe was on duty at a wrestling match she persuaded Barney to accompany her. There they befriended an old woman, Louisa, and her friend Janine. It was Chloe, not Janine, who was concerned when Louisa had been missing a while, and went to find her in the toilets. Unbenown to them the building, on fire, was evacuated, and they were soon trapped. Although she could have got out, Chloe stayed with Louisa, who compared her unselfishness with Janine, who was out for all she could get. Barney rescued them, and after taking Louisa to the hospital he and Chloe went back to her place, and spent the night together. The next day things were awkward between them until they talked and realised they both thought it was a mistake and would spoil their friendship. The same day they discovered that Louisa had died, but Chloe's distress turned to delight when she discovered that Louisa had changed her will, and had left everything to Chloe instead of Janine. Chloe started spending before she even knew how much she would receive, spending almost ten thousand pounds on a houseboat. However, Janine, angry at being cut out of Louisa's will, complained to the hospital management, suggesting Chloe had taken advantage. Chloe realised that she may lose not only the money but also her job.
By the beginning of series 16, Chloe, having sold the houseboat at a loss, was several thousand pounds in debt and sharing a flat with Anna Paul. She took a job in a bar to try to make ends meet, and was soon going out with the bar owner Jason. When Jason opened a new club, he told Chloe he wanted her to be its face, and told her she could give up nursing. When Jason started asking her to entertain some of his business associates, Chloe started realised that he was doing something dodgy behind the scenes, but didn't seem to mind too much. One day when Chloe couldn't make a meeting with one of Jason's friends, she persuaded Anna to take her place. The man attacked Anna, who begged her to dump Jason. With Jason's persuasion, Chloe told Anna she had dumped him, but carried on seeing him. Chloe was shocked when she found out that most of Jason's money came not from his clubs but from smuggling tobacco and alcohol into the country, but didn't let this affect her feelings towards him. Chloe became involved when Jason helped his brother Lewis to escape from prison, via Holby A&E. Jason fled the country, leaving Chloe alone and in trouble with the police. However, he managed to send her a note inviting her to join him, a fake passport and an airline ticket. After risking her life to save a girl in a burning car, Chloe was taken to the airport by Comfort and Nikki, and boarded her plane, to set off to a new life.