As series 6 unfolded Casualty fans had to get used to life in Holby without Megan. But Charlie was back, having recovered from his encounter with James Lawrence at the end of series 5.
One of the main series plotlines involved student nurse Kelly Liddle, who began working at Holby Casualty at the start of the series. Duffy continued her School ma'am attitude towards student nurses but this time Duffy's criticisms were justified. Kelly was rude to staff and not very good at her job either. The only friend she found was Ash. After a series of cock-ups and tellings off from Charlie and Duffy, Kelly was told by Duffy that her interim report would not be good. As she came to terms with the fact that she wasn't cut out for nursing, Kelly took a concoction of pills and vodka which proved fatal. The A&E staff were devastated and Duffy felt guilty about being too hard on her.
Meanwhile Beth Ramanee was embroiled in a negligence case in which she was accused of murdering a terminally ill patient by giving him an overdose of painkillers. Beth won the case but decided to opt for a career in General Practice. Julian persuaded her to stay on a while longer but she left at the end of the series.
New receptionist Norma Sullivan soon stamped her snooty manner on unsuspecting patients who had the misfortune to enter the doors of A&E. She didn't seem to care whether the patient bled to death in front of her as long as she got the patient's name and address.
Charlie and social worker Trish Baynes were soon an item and the two seemed ideally suited but the romance had fizzled out by the end of the series.
Julian, meanwhile, got the job of Casualty consultant, which gave him even more power to get his own way.
Josh was joined in the ambulance by Jane Scott and the two became a good team.
Jimmy's knack of bringing in casualties on his way to work continued. This time it was his girlfriend's daughter, badly burned by a portable gas fire. He also left at the end of the series to drive a van for a friend in the rag trade. Jimmy couldn't drive at first so he got the paramedics to give him some lessons before taking his test.
In a thrilling final episode of the series a plane crash interrupted Beth's leaving party as all the staff were required to assist the casualties. When the extra shift ended and the staff spilled out of the hospital Julian, who had once so patronised Beth, seemed genuinely sad to see her leave as he said goodbye to her.
Written by Christopher Watson


Charlie Fairhead (Clinical nursing manager)
Lisa Duffin (Sister)
Martin Ashford (Staff nurse)
Sandra Nichol (Staff nurse)
Kelly Liddle (Student nurse)

Julian Chapman (Registrar/Consultant)
Beth Ramanee (SHO)

Josh Griffiths (Paramedic)
Jane Scott (Paramedic)

Norma Sullivan (Receptionist)
Jimmy Powell (Porter)
Patricia Baynes (Social worker)


1. Humpty Dumpty
2. Judgement Day
3. Dangerous Games
4. Hide and Seek
5. Joy Ride
6. Something to Hide
7. Beggars Can't Be Choosers
8. Living in Hope
9. Making the Break
10. Sins of Omission
11. The Last Word
12. Pressure? What Pressure?
13. Facing Up
14. Allegiance
15. Cascade


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