Summary and Spoilers

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Spencer and Jan left Holby A&E before the series began. Nikki, fully recovered, returned to work at the beginning of the series. Lara had been suspended following the death of David Collier, and locum SHO Heather Lincoln (Nicole Faraday) was covering for Lara.
Harry Harper had to use his skills at the scene of a helicopter crash in the first episode. New security guard Ryan Johnson (Russell Boulter) started work at Holby A&E in the third episode.
While the Christmas party was going on, Josh got into a car containing a mentally unstable man who had just lost his wife; the man crashed the car into the ambulance shelter outside A&E, destroying the entrance.
Jack and Tony's dad Eddie turned up in Holby, and started to lead Jack into trouble: Jack was brought into A&E himself after a robbery went wrong. When a man injured in the robbery recognised Jack, Eddie said they had to run for it, so Jack left the country with his father.
Duffy was swept off her feet by Ryan Johnson, and they planned to get married and start a business together, but shortly after Duffy had left her job, Ryan disappeared, taking all the money out of their joint account. He returned, however, and Duffy accepted his offer of a new life in New Zealand.
Tony, Colette and Dillon will all be leaving Casualty before the next series.


Charlie Fairhead (Clinical nursing manager)
Lisa Duffin (Sister/Agency nurse)
Colette Griffiths (Staff nurse/Sister)
Dillon Cahill (Staff nurse)
Anna Paul (Staff nurse)
Roxanne Bird (Student nurse)

Harry Harper (Consultant)
Simon Kaminski (Special registrar)
Lara Stone (SHO)
Heather Lincoln (Locum SHO)
Merlin Jameson (PRHO)

Josh Griffiths (Paramedic)
Finlay Newton (Paramedic)
Comfort Jones (Paramedic)
Nikki Marshall (Ambulance technician)

Jack Vincent (Receptionist)
Tony Vincent (Emergency Department Assistant)
Ryan Johnson (Security Guard)

Apology for lack of full episode guides

1. Déjà Vu
2. Protection
3. Judgement Day
4. Thicker than Water
5. What Little Girls Are Made of
6. What's Love Got to Do with It
7. The Ties That Bind
8. It's a Boy Thing
9. Innocence
10. Return of the Native
11. Up to Your Neck in It
12. Gimme Shelter
13. Blame
14. Feuds and Fury
15. Some Comfort, No Joy and a Bit Too Much Love
16. Living for the Moment
17. Helping Hands
18. Collision Course
19. Sins of the Father
20. Spiteful God
21. Flight
22. Love Hurts
23. Hitting Home (Part 1)
24. Hitting Home (Part 2)
25. Dire Straits
26. Fool for Love
27. Keep It in the Family
28. A Hard Day's Night
29. Side Effects
30. An Act of God
31. The Point of No Return
32. Stuck in the Middle with You
33. Getting Through
34. Hurt the One You Love
35. An Accident Waiting to Happen
36. Out on a Limb
37. Baby Blues
38. Last Man Standing
39. Three in a Bed
40. A Special Day


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